Thousands of Americans named after Founding Fathers



The Fourth of July is here, and with it, people across the nation are breaking out American flags and patriotic chants. But while most are content celebrating the independence of the 13 colonies just once a year, a decent handful of Americans want more. A portion of U.S. citizens lucky enough to share a surname with a famous patriot opt to give their newborns very specific first names. The result? Thousands of living Americans with the names of the Founding Fathers.

WhitePages recently revealed to AOL the most popular names in the United States that are shared with the founders. Robert Morris takes the second spot with 7,367 Americans sharing his name. Samuel Adams shares his with just over one thousand people. While these names could just be a coincidence, others, such as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, are too obvious to miss. There are 163 women named Betsy Ross right now, and Betsy hasn't been a top 250 baby name since 1960, according to Social Security Administration.

Of the top 14 Founding Father names that are most prevalent in the United States, Florida and Texas are the states with the highest concentrations.

"It's interesting to note that the top two most common names, John Adams and Robert Morris, are most popular in Florida," Liz Powell, culture and trend expert from WhitePages, said. "While Florida may have been the 27th state to enter the Union, it is the number one state for patriotic names."

Florida also tops the list of the state with the most citizens named Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and Betsy Ross. Texas has the most John Hancocks, George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons and John Jays. Of the original 13 colonies, only New York has the highest Founding Father concentration with Alexander Hamilton.

And if you're wondering about our current commander in chief, there aren't many Obamas in the U.S., apart from the first family, but there were 11 little boys born in 2013 whose parents named them Barack.

Click through our gallery of the top 14 most popular Found Fathers' names and see who is number one!