Swift and Kloss prove celebrity doppelgangers do exist


Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of attention for her many famous love interests. From critics arguing that she's a 'player' to magazines just keeping a list of who inspired what song, it seems Swift's personal life often outshines her music. Unfortunately, her romances are not the most interesting part; Any self-respecting, privacy-breaching T. Swift fan knows that the real fascinating bit is her friendships.

Her latest bestie to make it onto her never-ending list of friends, Karlie Kloss, proves that point. It only takes a quick glance at photos of the two together to see that they look almost exactly alike. Buzzfeed had to point out that we weren't seeing double, and even Perez Hilton wondered on his blog if 'Karlie Kloss is morphing into bestie Taylor Swift.' Albeit, Kloss is a bit taller, but looking at their faces, it's almost impossible to tell the two apart.

Inspired by this revelation, we decided to see if any other celebrities had look-a-likes or doppelgangers. As we began to rack our brains, it became abundantly clear that most of Hollywood has a famous twin. Click through our gallery to see for yourself, and let us know in the comments who we missed or who you think we missed the mark on!