Apple's iWatch: small device, BIG potential

Concept Image, by Todd Hamilton

You probably won't look as cool talking into your iWatch as James Bond or Dick Tracy, and you most certainly won't be able to summon a giant robot like Roger Smith or Johnny Sokko. Realistically, you'll even end up talking to someone who doesn't have FaceTime so you can't even pretend to be on the Jetsons!

However, with a variety of new patents and concepts, Apple has us talking about meaningful ways in which the iWatch could change our lives. We won't know until later this fall, but it's still fun to speculate.

Concept Image, by VeneStudio

Could the iWatch become a wallet, seamlessly integrating our financial information? Or, how about a health-oriented device that can help you monitor and track your health in realtime? Charles Barker ofModojodiscusses how the iWatch could add convenience and even improve our daily lives. Get the full scoop by clicking here.

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