Woman survives being run over by three trains

Woman Gets Run Over By 3 Trains, Survives
Woman Gets Run Over By 3 Trains, Survives

22-year-old Mary Downey, pictured in the New York Post, drunkenly stumbled to the subway around 6am Sunday morning...and then drunkenly stumbled onto the tracks...just as a train was pulling in.

But with some surprisingly quick thinking, she reportedly squished herself between the rails just enough so that the train barreled right over her.

Then she stayed there, helpless, as two more trains passed over her. No one realized she was down there until the conductor of the third train noticed her waving. He immediately slammed on the brakes ... but not before rolling over her.

Talk about being trained in survival.

Downey suffered a broken shoulder - but not because of the near brush with death. She apparently broke it when she fell onto the platform.

She was released from the hospital after only a few hours and taken home...in a cab.