People who wear glasses are smarter, study claims

People Who Wear Glasses Are Smarter, Study Claims
People Who Wear Glasses Are Smarter, Study Claims

Do you wear glasses? If so, a new study claims that you are more than likely very intelligent.

Check out these smart famous glasses wearers:

Researchers at the University Medical Center in Germany linked spending more time in school and achieving higher level of education to nearsightedness.

For the study, published in the journal Ophthalmology, researchers examined more than 4,600 Germans between the ages 35 and 74 that have myopia, the medical term for nearsightedness. They found 53 percent of people who graduated from college lived with myopia, while only 24 percent of people who didn't finish high school had the eye condition. Basically, every year spent in a classroom makes makes it worse.

Myopia is generally caused by the elongation of the eyeball when people are young, but some experts say that by simply going outside and spending time in the sunlight, people can lessen the risk of nearsightedness.

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