Dog throws up owner's wedding ring missing for 5 years

Dog Throws Up Owner's Wedding Ring Missing For 5 Years
Dog Throws Up Owner's Wedding Ring Missing For 5 Years

Usually dog owners aren't too happy when their pups gets sick and start throwing up -- but that's not the case for a Wisconsin woman who got her missing wedding ring back as a result.

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ABC says Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring five years ago and searched just about everywhere: her "house, car, backyard," even her dog Tucker's feces. But no diamond in the rough was found, and hope was dwindling.

The 10-year-old Rottweiler - the "food burglar" of the house - was known to eat just about anything, which kept Matykowki's suspicions on alert.

So, two weeks back, as Matykowski and her granddaughter were slurping popsicles, the "food burglar" couldn't resist, swiped the little girl's summertime snack and started chomping down.

Then, Tucker became sick, coughed up the popsicle stick and, days later, some more unsightly remains - except for one object with a certain sparkle.

WAOW: "And, I look in the paper towel, and here is my wedding ring. I kid you not. My wedding ring was in Tucker's puke."

WAOW says she just cleaned if off using toothpaste, and the invaluable diamond ring looked as good as new.

Matykowski took Tucker to a veterinarian shortly after, and X-rays came up clean with no more shiny objects to speak of, although the vet did say the popsicle stick might have actually knocked the ring loose.

Regardless, the 55-pound Rottweiller has become quite popular around the neighborhood since spilling his guts. Matykowski told WAOW: "My friends have been telling me: 'I want a dog that throws up diamonds.' Who wouldn't, right? Tucker is a big dog on campus now. He is my hero."

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