Craziest World Cup fan haircuts


Soccer fans are some of the most passionate sports fans in the world. They cheer, boo and loudly inform anyone interested what team they support. Many will sport their country's colors to show their allegiance, others will put on a jersey or costume, but some have started to show their passion with their heads.

No, not wearing hats or using their minds: For those who are a little more committed, barbers have started to cut various World Cup inspired designs into fans' hair. Some have taken this a step further and gotten lifelike portraits of their team's star player shaved and styled into the sides of their heads.

Renaissance men with razors like Rob Ferrel, owner of Rob the Original's Barber Shop in Texas, or Marcelo Anderson Martins Ferreira of Brazil, shave, style and dye these stunning photo-realistic profiles into the side, back and top of willing customers' craniums. This artwork/hairstyling has not only started to turn other peoples' heads but also has taken over social media. Thousands of soccer and art fans have liked, shared and retweeted the masterpieces.

Ferrel's portrait of USA goalkeeper Tim Howard received over 1,900 likes on Instagram and has been shared by media organizations such as USA Today's For the Win and the BBC's 606. It was even trending during the US-Belgium game. Other notable players who have made it onto the blank canvas of soccer fanatics' heads include Mexico goalkeeper Ochoa, Brazilian striker Neymar and the ever-so-popular Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.

For those who are worried that one of these portraits will grow out before the end of the tournament and really want to show their commitment, there are always tattoos.

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