United Airlines forced to land mid-flight when evacuation chute popped open

United Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Evacuation Slide Opens
United Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Evacuation Slide Opens

United Airlines was forced to land mid-flight when an evacuation slide popped open.

According to several reports, Flight 1463 took off from Chicago and was bound for California Sunday night but made a pit stop in Kansas due to the the surprise safety test. Fortunately no one was hurt.

The plane was carrying five crew members and 96 passengers who didn't pass up the chance to use their mobile devices during the incident to snap a few photos.

Even former Nebraska quarterbackTaylor Martinez tweeted saying "scariest flight of all time."

One passenger described the event to KCTV, saying, "They just had a panicked look and they took the carts and ran backwards to the front of the plane and then we all turned around and the whole back cabinet part of the plane where they sat was full of the chute."

Another told CNN, "I heard this pop. I turn around and the slide was open," passenger Michael Schroeder said.

And another: "All of a sudden you saw their faces go like this and you heard a big bang and a hiss."

The airlines says it is still trying to determine what caused the mishap.

Slides are apparently a tricky piece of equipment.

Last November the same thing happened during a JetBlue flight - and even then-Senator Barack Obama experienced a similar malfunction during the 2008 presidential race.