Study says wearing shades makes you beautiful

How Sunglasses Make Us Look More Attractive
How Sunglasses Make Us Look More Attractive

If you thought sunglasses were only good for protecting your eyes, think again. A new study found that they make the face seem more symmetrical and, therefore, more attractive.

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Vanessa Brown, senior design and visual culture lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, delved into possible reasons sunglasses seem to enhance attractiveness. British outlets first reported on her research in 2011, but American media outlets are just catching on now.

For some background information, studies show people find greater facial symmetry more attractive. Men with symmetrical faces appear more masculine, and women appear more feminine.

Brown says sunglasses, which are perfectly symmetrical in shape, enhance attractiveness by covering over some facial asymmetries. Humans also use eye contact to convey messages and flirt, so sunglasses are a natural focus point.

In an interview with The Guardian, she said movie stars' historical use of sunglasses as shields against flashing cameras might've led people to associate sunglasses with glamour and mystery. Also, because the viewer can't see the wearer's eyes, this detachment could make the wearer feel more powerful.

But which pair will make you look the most attractive?

Women's Health recommends rectangular lenses for round faces, thick lenses for oval, perfect circles for those with an angular shape, and egg-shaped aviators to counter strong jaw lines.