Motorcyclist's revenge backfired when kicking a car

Motorcyclist's Revenge Backfires When He Wipes Out
Motorcyclist's Revenge Backfires When He Wipes Out

One motorcyclist must've had it out for another vehicle... or the people inside. But man did his revenge backfire.

Fox News says, "Talk about instant karma. Guy on a motorcycle drives by a car, kicks the side of it then immediately crashes. The guy is OK, that's why I can laugh."

We aren't sure what the motorcyclist's reason is for kicking the other vehicle, but the high-kick is road rage at its finest.

​The video has been going viral and is even featured on Top Trending. Which we're sure the biker is just thrilled about.

Luckily he was wearing a helmet, and he seems to be OK! Except for his pride... that might need some dusting off.

But let's be real -- his revenge didn't backfire as much as this guy's... which resulted in an attempted run-over.

Yikes. Looks like revenge isn't that sweet.