Buy your own town for only $400,000

You Could Own A Town For $400,000
You Could Own A Town For $400,000

Have you ever wanted your very own town?

The Rapid City Journal reports that the tiny unincorporated hamlet of Swett, South Dakota is available for anyone willing to shell out $400,000. The town, which currently boasts a population of two (three if you include the dog) comes with just a bit more than 6 acres of prairie, a house, three trailers, and its very own bar.

Swett's current owner, Lance Benson, has owned the small town since 1998 and is looking to sell so that he can focus on his traveling concession business.

Back in the 1940s, Swett was a booming town with 40 residents. It even had its own post office. Ownership of the property eventually concentrated to just one person. The one thing that has remained constant is Swett Tavern, a place that had -- at times -- a reputation for attracting rough cowboys. One patron said, "This looks like a good place to be killed."

Benson says that he hates to get rid of his town.

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