What you need to know for your next vacay

What To Know Before Your Next Vacation
What To Know Before Your Next Vacation

As you get ready take a vacation, you might need to do more than just pack. Some places require a little extra prepping. Starting in the U.S. - if you're heading to any popular landmarks be ready to carve out extra time for the visit.

Old Faithful isn't known for being prompt. You could be waiting to see it erupt for almost two hours. And the Grand Canyon? If you plan to go explore, be warned: the trails aren't easy so taking the time to watch your step is worth it to avoid a trip to the hospital. Which means coming back up takes twice as long as hiking down. And to the East - if you plan to visit Lady Liberty, she ain't easy. You have to reserve a spot ahead of time to venture up into her headpiece and after that there's six-month waiting period before you can go again, so make sure you don't miss it!

Any art lovers should look out for the obstacles of their favorite pieces: The "Mona Lisa" keeps a good distance from tourists. You can't take photos in the Sistine Chapel. And in Milan, you have to reserve a ticket to see Da Vinci's famous painting, "The Last Supper." Oh, and once you DO get in, you've got 15 minutes to soak up the awesomeness and then you've gotta go.

But there are some good surprises to look forward to. Like in Egypt, there's a Pizza Hut on top of a KFC at the pyramids. And it might be hard to get your hands on a lot of attractions, but at Pompeii everything is fair game. So feel free to sit-on, stand,hug, take a selfie with or snuggle up to any of the ancient ruins.