Meteorite worth small fortune of $4,000 on 'Pawn Stars'

'Pawn Stars': Item That's 'Out Of This World' Worth A Small Fortune
'Pawn Stars': Item That's 'Out Of This World' Worth A Small Fortune

On "Pawn Stars," a man named Christopher brought in something that was out of this world ... literally: a meteorite.

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Welcome to earth meteorite. Christopher said he found the meteorite on a dry lake in southern California where he regularly goes meteorite hunting. He then sent a small chunk of it over to UCLA for testing and viola, they confirmed it wasn't a rock from earth. Rick was excited to hold something that had traveled billions and billions of miles to our planet, calling it super neat.

Turns out UCLA has "the largest collection of meteorites on the west coast" with over 2,400 samples ... which is a small collection compared to the more than 50,000 meteorites NASA reports have been found on Earth. According to NASA, "[Meteorites are] chunks of rock and metal from asteroids and other planetary bodies that survive their journey through the atmosphere and fall to the ground."

Expert Bob, the owner of a meteorite-recovery lab, was brought in to authenticate it. He saw that a magnet was attracted to the meteorite and concluded, "That rock is older than this planet. That thing was solid before this planet solidified."

He adds, "This is a $4,000 Meteorite."

Bob said that meteorites are rare and what you need to look for are round grains of metal and spheres of silicate to distinguish it from a rock. Luckily for Christopher he struck gold selling it for $2,100. Not bad for something that fell from the sky.