How people define beauty in 19 different countries

Woman Gets Photoshopped Around The World
Woman Gets Photoshopped Around The World

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but do different countries, with their different cultural values, have different ideas of what is beautiful? One recent college graduate wanted to find out.

Ester Honig, a human interest reporter, sent out a photograph of herself to 40 different photo editors in 25 different countries and gave them a single task -- to make her look beautiful. She told the Huffington Post that the results were shocking, but none more so than Morocco, where Islam is the primary religion. That photo, and others, proved that customs are a major factor in aesthetics.

Honig says that the project also had a substantial impact on her own self-perception of beauty, making her aware of her own flaws, or what other may see as flaws. Some editors restructured her face, others stretched and spliced -- and all of them changed her skin tone.

While she's reluctant to find a moral to the story, her project proves that photoshop allows models to achieve the perception of ideal beauty, yet makes it harder for real people to attain it.

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