Did this 'first moon' party commercial go too far?

Hello Flo's new commercial may have taken a precious teen-girl moment too far.

HelloFlo's New Ad, Hilarious Or Offensive?
HelloFlo's New Ad, Hilarious Or Offensive?

Just about every girl remembers when she got her first period. Mom might've had a pack of tampons on hand but they definitely didn't do this:

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HelloFlo's new ad for period starter kits shows what happens when one young girl lies about getting her first period. Her mother throws her a "first moon" party, sending her daughter into a real-life nightmare.

This commercial definitely put a lighter spin on the event many women come to dread. But was it too light?

A writer for NPR said, although humorous, "there was just something off about it."

She points to the rivalry between mother and daughter over such a personal subject and says although HelloFlo tried to break from the usual more-awkward tampon commercials, it still misses the mark by associating menstruation with humiliation.

KFOR calls it "warped" and "disturbing" but admitted it was a successful way to get the brand noticed.

A very successful way at that. Just a week after it was uploaded to YouTube it garnered more than 20 million views. Whether that's because it was truly entertaining or disturbing, we have no idea.

'first moon' party commercial
'first moon' party commercial