Pearl Jam covered 'Let It Go' at Eddie Vedder's daughter's request; 10 of Pearl Jam's best cover songs played live in concert


Earlier this week, a video clip of Pearl Jam breaking into 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' during a concert in Italy went viral. But the footage of the performance also elicited polarized reactions. Many enjoyed the amusing cover of Idina Menzel's uber-catchy ballad. Meanwhile, some had an icy response and criticized the band for daring to play a song from a Disney movie, describing it as the moment Pearl Jam jumped the shark. Now, Consequence of Sound reports that Eddie Vedder has explained why Pearl Jam covered the Oscar-winning song from 'Frozen':

Because his 5-year-old daughter had requested it.

Consequence of Sound cites a series of messages posted to Twitter by Vedder's friend, cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, who talked to Vedder about the 'Let It Go' cover. Tomorrow noted on Twitter that Vedder wants everyone to know 'his daughter sings it better.'

That got us to thinking: Pearl Jam is famous for covering great songs during live shows -- they often play cover songs better than the artists who wrote and recorded the originals. Could we compile 10 cover songs by the Seattle rockers that everyone can agree are awesome? Above, behold the results: 10 live covers by Pearl Jam that, whether you liked the 'Let It Go' cover or not, undeniably came off better than the 'Frozen' tune.

Some great songs made our purely subjective list, beginning with Pearl Jam's version of Devo's 'Whip It' which took the No. 10 spot. It's from a memorable Halloween performance in Philadelphia in which Pearl Jam dressed up just like the famed new wave/punk band. Hits from The Ramones, The Who and Van Halen also populate the all-star lineup. Click through and see which song topped the list. Listen to them all, and let us know in the comments which cover song you think is best. And, if you missed it, watch the clip of Pearl Jam performing 'Let It Go' below.

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