Woman dances on her way to get breast cancer surgery


A woman in Georgia decided not to let a terrifying situation get her down and chose instead to get down.

This video was captured by a doctor at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge as 52-year-old Doreta Norris danced her way down the hall to the operating room where she would undergo surgery.

WSB-TV reports Norris was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast after doctors found a "worrisome spot" during a mammogram in November 2013. They recommended removing her right breast.

​According to the hospital, Norris decided to undergo a double mastectomy in case the cancer spread, but she wanted to make something scary a little more fun.

On the return trip from her mother-in-law's, Norris tells Piedmont Healthcare she saw a video like this one showing a woman dancing with hospital staff before a double mastectomy. Norris decided to do the same. WXIA reports:

"She said, 'Do you really want to dance?' and I said, 'Yeah.' She goes, 'Are you serious?' and I said 'Yeah.' She goes, 'Imma make it happen.' And she had this stubbornness about her 'Imma make it happen.'"

​Norris told Piedmont Healthcare: "I stepped out of my room and found hospital staff and doctors lining both sides of the hall. I heard the music playing and began to dance. It was an emotional dance. Staff came up to hug me, dance with me and give me words of encouragement. I truly felt like I could conquer the world."

Piedmont Healthcare reports​ Norris is now cancer-free and she tells hospital staff she'll be dancing again soon.