Google Glass: a new gaming experience

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With virtual reality simulators like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus making headlines, what other technologies might come forth to make gaming a more immersive experience? We got to thinking about Google Glass, the wearable computer from the search engine giant.

Just today, Google posted a video featuring 5 motion-controlled mini-games for Glass, first shown at the Google I/O Developer Conference. Google said they "hacked together" these mini-games to provide developers with inspiration for their own games.

Imagine how developers could utilize Google Glass to enhance the gaming experience. Could we see a Fruit Ninja or Grand Theft Auto appear on the platform? We hope so!

Steven Wong from Shacknewsexplores the possibilities, ranging from real-time interactive game walkthroughs to enhanced multiplayer coordination. Our vote: Watch Dogs on Glass. Let's do it!
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