Bolt of lightning knocks Sean O'Connor out of boots

Lightning Strike Knocks Man Out Of His Boots
Lightning Strike Knocks Man Out Of His Boots

A bolt of lightning didn't just hit a Georgia man named Sean O'Connor ... it also knocked him out of his boots. "I heard the loud crack, and next thing I know I was over here on the side of my driveway," O'Connor said. "When I stood up, I had blood in my mouth, I could smell burnt hair, I felt like I had a real bad sunburn on my leg."

O'Connor, 30, sent a photo of his smoking boot to his wife just moments after realizing he had been struck in the foot by a bolt of lightning. She urged him to quit snapping photos and go to hospital. Doctors kept O'Connor overnight because of an irregular heartbeat, but now he seems to be doing just fine.

Friends joked that O'Connor is so lucky, he should go buy a lottery ticket -- but he's more worried about being struck again. A doctor told him the saying "lightning doesn't strike the same place twice" may not apply to people.

In fact, Virginian park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning on seven different occasions and survived them all. He currently holds the Guinness World Record, a record Sean O'Connor has no interest in breaking.

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