A roundup of the best tweets about Luis Suarez's bizarre World Cup biting incident



Fans took a bite out of Luis Suárez following an incident during Uruguay's 1-0 win versus Italy on Tuesday. In the 80th minute Suárez and Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini got tied up in front of Italy's goal when Suárez took an apparent chomp on Chiellini's shoulder (to see the alleged bite click here).

While millions at home saw the bite on live television, the referee did not, and a foul was not called. Chiellini fell to the ground and even pulled his jersey down to show the referee the evidence of the bite, but was not granted any assistance. Uruguay won the game and advanced to the knockout stage of the tournament, while Italy was sent packing after finishing third in Group D.

Social media surged with responses to the event. #Suarez, #LuisSuarez, and #bite were trending on Twitter shortly after the end of the game. Fans even edited photos of Suarez that made him look like a vampire by making his teeth look like fangs or added the immortalized Hannibal Lecter facemask to show he is a cannibal. Celebrities like Monty Python great Eric Idle and former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield -- who knows something about being bitten -- took to the Internet to respond.