Girl writes letter asking Google to give dad day off

Little Girl Writes Letter Asking Google To Give Dad Day Off
Little Girl Writes Letter Asking Google To Give Dad Day Off

When a little girl named Katie realized her dad was going to have to work on his birthday, she wrote a very cute and professional letter to his boss at Google.

CNET reports the letter, addressed "Dear Google Worker," explained that her dad only gets one day off work each week. NBC reports, "And she adds 'P.S. , it is daddy's birthday. P.P.S., it is summer, you know."

Words written in crayon have never been so persuasive.

According to The Blaze, the man's boss wrote Katie back, and even sweetened the deal, giving her dad his birthday off. CBS reports, "Google was so impressed that they wrote her back saying that they were giving him the entire first week off of July for a vacation."

Way to go, Katie, and way to go, Google. But only having one day a week off work as Katie's dad does isn't unusual for Google employees. A 2013 list by PayScale ranked the company as tied for fourth place for highest employee turnover. Long hours could be one cause for that.

Although the Bloomberg reports that despite the high turnover, 84 percent of the employees had a high level of job satisfaction. The Huffington Post reports, "The endless perks Google offers might help: three free meals a day, free haircuts, cutting-edge workout facilities, and even a ball pit designed like the logo of the Chrome browser."

Maybe if Katie writes another letter they'll let her come and play in it.

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