Rare Roman coin worth a small fortune on 'Pawn Stars'

'Pawn Stars': Rare Roman Coin Worth A Small Fortune
'Pawn Stars': Rare Roman Coin Worth A Small Fortune

On 'Pawn Stars,' a man brought in a rare Roman coin with the Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar on it, who was also known as Caligula.

Rick's first question was obvious: "Is it real?" The expert, Mark, checked out the coin and announced that it is "absolutely genuine." And what's it worth? To a retail buyer, Mark priced the coin at $10,000 or more.

Known for his crazy antics like replacing thousands of old Roman statues with his own head during his reign, Caligula was only 24-years-old when he became emperor in 37 AD. He was then killed with his wife in 41 AD.

The coin was a silver denarius that was struck, or made, in the last 24 days of Caligula's life, so this is a pretty old and rare coin that Rick said could be worth up to six figures.

The appraiser called the coin extraordinary and Josh, the owner, ended up selling it to Rick for $8,500. Not a bad chunk of change considering we saw many being sold on EBay for about $2,000 at the most.

It's not the first time we've seen a big winner on 'Pawn Stars':

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