Mudslide Causes Cliff Collapse Near Minn. Hospital

Mudslide Causes Cliff Collapse Near Minn. Hospital

There was a crazy mudslide on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis Thursday night.

"You can see the mudslide, where about 100 yards just fell right off and onto that parkway ... gave everyone a real scare inside the building ... This mudslide left about 6 to 8 ft. of that mud just sitting there."

"We're right near the U of M campus. We're close to downtown. There are bike paths here. This is an extremely active area. ... Amazingly, no one was hurt. Take a look at how close the University of Minnesota Medical center is."

The mudslide was that close to a hospital. The building was partially evacuated, with 20 people taken out. KSTP reports engineers are saying the hospital is built on a steady foundation and is safe. But, authorities are saying there could be more problematic mudslides in the area.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports several inches of rain fell in the area Thursday- and a state of emergency was declared. This has been the Twin Cities' wettest year since 1871.

Right now, golf courses are flooded, sewers are backed up, docks along rivers are underwater. Destroyed crops are hurting the local economy.

"Widespread flooding and roads washed out following the rain."

"And this morning Governor Dayton and senators will get a look at some of the worst flooding in southwestern Minnesota."

The rain has cleared up, but runoff could cause more flooding problems over the weekend, and maybe more mudslides.
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