'Untying The Knot': Luxury shoe collection's value shocks owner

'Untying The Knot': Luxury Shoe Collection's Value Shocks Owner
'Untying The Knot': Luxury Shoe Collection's Value Shocks Owner

On "Untying The Knot," Divorce Attorney Vikki Ziegler helped Tim and Kelly Weiss divide up their assets after eight years together.

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Now, they're fighting over their home outside of Chicago, Tim's pension, an antique sword collection they bought together in Europe and Kelly's very large shoe collection, which Kelly said they spent between $20,000-25,000 dollars on.

Unfortunately, that shoe collection didn't pay off:

Vikki: "The Millea brothers valued the shoe collection at $4,500 dollars.
Kelly: "That is super shocking. I'm kind of at a loss for words.
Tim: "I feel like I just opened up the window and just threw hundreds out the window.

Let's say it all together: shoes do not hold their value.

Luckily, it was a different story for the sword collection. Tim said he bought the swords for 100 Euro, or about $137 in the US. Turns out the appraisers valued the swords at about $4,000. Vikki also decided that Tim would get 100 percent of his pension and Kelly would get 100 percent of the equity in the home.

The Wrap notes that the new show is a less romantic and more sober view on marriage and called Vikki's approach to "divorce management" unique and realistic.

What do you think about the show? Is it interesting ... or just depressing?