Underwater hotel has scuba diving pizza delivery man

'World's Strangest': Scuba-Diving Pizza Delivery Man
'World's Strangest': Scuba-Diving Pizza Delivery Man

Rob Doyle, a scuba diving pizza delivery man at an underwater hotel, doesn't just drive up to a front door and knock. He straps on scuba gear and dives deep beneath Key Largo, Florida, to deliver pizza pie instead.

"I don't think there's anybody else on this planet that delivers pizza the way I deliver pizza," Rob says.

As he pulls up to his delivery site, Rob's not ready to hand over the pizza and collect the cash just yet. He secures the pizza in a water-tight briefcase, straps in to his scuba gear ... and dives in.

Rob works for an exclusive local establishment located 21 feet below sea level. Jules' Undersea Lodge has been a full-service hotel for over 25 years. This amazing place is owned by diving enthusiast Ian Koblick.

"The concept of an underwater hotel," Koblick explains, "started when one night we saw a spectacular event happen. A giant fish came out of nowhere. I said to myself, 'Gee, you know, if more people could see and experience this sort of thing it would be great.'"

Rob is not just a pizza delivery man. He's trained in the operation and maintenance of the entire underwater "habitat" and is also a scuba instructor. Koblick says this type of service is known as the "bell buoy." If you want something, Rob will get it for you.

Inside the 50-foot-long steel structure, there are just two bedrooms and nightly rates start at a few hundred dollars. All modern amenities are provided.

Rob delivers the pizza via the airlock under the structure. The water-tight container has done its job. Hot, fresh and dry pizza ... in the least likely place you could ever imagine.

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