Reporter splits his pants on live TV

NC Reporter Accidentally Splits Pants on Live TV
NC Reporter Accidentally Splits Pants on Live TV

WXII traffic reporter Chris Lea is the athletic type (he's a professional wrestler), but his attempt at cheerleading left him with a pair of split pants.

During a "Lanie's Backyard BBQ" segment Wednesday on WXII 12 News in Winston-Salem, N.C., Chris challenged a local high school cheerleader to do a toe touch.

The cheerleader performed flawlessly. When Chris tried the same move -- despite a friendly warning from meteorologist Lanie Pope -- things didn't go so well.

The loud "pop" could be audibly heard, sending Chris scurrying away and causing Lanie to laugh hysterically. The video has already been viewed thousands of times, and we hope Chris' ego isn't too bruised. As for the pants? Well, he'll need to go shopping before his next segment.

This isn't the first time a reporter has been in an unexpected situation this week. On June 16th, Meteorologist Danielle Dozier was on live TV when an earthquake struck.

Her calm reaction was so impressive, it quickly went viral. Watch it unfold here: