Man falls and face plants while on treadmill

WATCH: Man Falls And Face Plants While On Treadmill
WATCH: Man Falls And Face Plants While On Treadmill

Most gym-goers fear falling off the treadmill, but few are fortunate enough to have it happen -- and get caught on video.

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This face plant took place back in 2012, when a reporter for Moon TV was interviewing a fitness trainer. The treadmill was left on in the background to demonstrate runner Usain Bolt's speed. That's when the man pictured stepped on the equipment -- and the rest is history.

Commenters on the YouTube video seemed skeptical, thinking it might have been staged. And the name of the man involved isn't known.

Fitness equipment company eFITology recommends that treadmill users always start off at a slow speed to get in a good warmup before really hitting their stride.

There is a chance that the man might not have realized the treadmill was on. Hopefully, his ego wasn't too bruised, because he's in the Hall of Fame among all the epic treadmill face plant videos found on the Internet.