Jennifer Lopez helps long-lost lovers reunite

Jennifer Lopez Helps Long-Lost Lovers Reunite
Jennifer Lopez Helps Long-Lost Lovers Reunite

Good ol' Jenny from the Block helped reunite a couple that had been separated for years.

The anchors of "Good Morning America" flew Nancy Hamre to New York, claiming that they wanted to interview her about her first love, Steve McCoyne.

And that's when J.Lo surprised her. The surprise didn't end there, though ...

"You've been trying to reconnect with your first love for a while," Lopez said as McCoyne walked in the room.

The two have a complicated history. They met when Hamre was 17 and McCoyne was 19. They fell for each other, but McCoyne was leaving to board the USS Enterprise for six months.

GMA reports, "Nancy was still in high school, and Steve on the east coast."

They exchanged more than 200 letters back and forth, but the distance was too much for Hamre, and she broke it off.

McCoyne later married, and Hamre got engaged to someone else. However, this love story -- more than 20 years in the making -- wasn't over. The two reconnected through social media.

And as you can see on McCoyne's Facebook page, they now look happier than ever. People posted comments congratulating them, and one wrote, "How cool you two reunited!!!!"

J.Lo's involvement in the sweet reunion also helps promote her new song "First Love." Pretty fitting, don't you think?

Poor guy, though. He had to come in for his surprise after Jennifer Lopez.