Canadian woman takes life-saving selfie

Woman Takes a Selfie That May Have Saved Her Life
Woman Takes a Selfie That May Have Saved Her Life

Stacey Yepes took a selfie that may have saved her life. She says she went to a local hospital after having what she believed was a stroke after her whole left side went numb and tingly -- but doctors said it was just stress. They offered her breathing exercises and sent her on her way.

When the same thing happened again a few days later, Yepes took out her phone and recorded the symptoms as proof.

"I just needed somebody to see what was happening," she said. "When I'm telling people this has happened, and they're saying this is stress, I know this is not stress."

In the video, Yepes says, "the sensation is happening again. It's all tingling on the left side."

Thanks to the video, doctors were able to diagnosis the woman with a condition that causes mini-strokes, as a result of plaque buildup in her arteries.

Yepes is taking medication and hasn't had a stroke since, according to UPI. But she does advise that others in a similar situation call 911 first, then take the video.

"I would just encourage anybody, if you have these symptoms, or even if you remotely think (you do), go and get it checked out," she told UPI. "Don't wait because your greatest chance of recovering is getting it looked at immediately."

As for her famous video, the local woman's hospital has asked for it, to have a look at it, and learn from it.

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