50 Cent carries around huge wads of cash


'Watch What Happens Live': 50 Cent Carries Around Huge Wads Of Cash
'Watch What Happens Live': 50 Cent Carries Around Huge Wads Of Cash

Rapper 50 Cent payed a visit to Andy Cohen on 'Watch What Happens Live' and pulled out a huge wad of cash when a viewer called and randomly asked how much money he had in his pocket at that moment.

Andy Cohen was astonished, saying, "No...Are you kidding me?" He asked, "How much is this? Like five grand or something?" With a straight face, 50 cent answered, "Ten thousand."

Holding the deck of cash in his hand, Cohen said, "I.. I.. I mean, I don't even know what to say."

In response, the rapper said he was down to his last twenty dollar bill and just went to the bank. 'Entourage' star Jerry Ferrara, who was sitting next to the rapper wasn't too low on cash either. While he didn't have ten grand in his pocket, we spotted more than a few Benjamins in his wallet.

Jaws dropped across the Twitterverse, one fan saying they're lucky if they can find a dollar in their pocket. Even host Andy Cohen was in awe, posting this pic of him, 50 Cent, and the wad of moolah on his Instagram.

So, how's he making all this money? For one, his new album 'Animal Ambition' dropped earlier this month and the rapper seems to be satisfied with record sales so far. Of course, his past success and many hit singles didn't hurt either.

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