Japan To Start Dog Nursing Home

While the jury is still out on 'all dogs going to heaven' - one company in Japan is hoping that all dogs will go to nursing homes.

According to NBC news, Japan's Aeon Group is launching a nursing home for elderly dogs so they can live their final years in peace.

Japanese Company To Start Nursing Homes For Dogs
Japanese Company To Start Nursing Homes For Dogs

Not only will these senior canines have access to around-the-clock veterinary service, but the nursing home will also feature gym, pool and special playgrounds. All for an estimated $1,000 a month.

It might sound insane, but this is most likely a push to lower the number of stray dogs in the country.
It can also give elderly dog owners an easier way to continue taking care of their dogs rather than abandoning them.

For now the dog center will only take in 20 dogs, but Aeon hopes to expand the program nationwide.