Tornadoes hit northeastern Nebraska, property damage reported

Nebraska Tornadoes
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Tornadoes hit northeastern Nebraska, property damage reported
Tragic scene in Nebraska today. Pray for this town of Pilger, NE. @canadogreg @ChittickChris @spann @weatherchannel
Around 4:32 p.m. CDT RT @stormcoker: TWO TORNADOES!!!! Near Wisner, Nebraska!! #newx
Another photo of tornado just before second one forms, in Nebraska. Taken by @AaronRigsbyOSC
Unimaginable scene today in Nebraska. Deadly, Violent and Tragic @Spann @weathernetwork @jwhittalTWN
Amazing!! MT @ObservingSpace: Twin tornadoes photographed by Shalyn Phillips near Pilger, Nebraska.
Watch: Storm chasers capture incredible video of two simultaneous tornadoes in Nebraska
UPDATE: Witness: Significant damage after tornado hits north of Stanton, Nebraska:
Idiot smiling as 2 tornadoes destroy homes, killing people in Nebraska. via @BrandonIveyWX
MAJOR damage in Pilger, Nebraska with two tornadoes on ground at same time. Search and rescue mode
Tornado crossing 275 east of Pilger, Nebraska earlier.

(Reuters) - Large tornadoes hit rural areas of northeastern Nebraska on Monday afternoon, with reports of property damage, according to forecasters and the Weather Channel.

"We do have a tornadic thunderstorm in northeast Nebraska moving toward the Iowa border," said forecaster Bill Bunting of the National Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. He said the center had received reports of "large tornadoes" in the area.

"It's obviously a very dangerous situation in those areas," Bunting said.

The Weather Channel showed video images on Monday afternoon of two tornadoes appearing in the same rural area around Stanton County, Nebraska. The channel said it was receiving reports of property damage from the storms.

Bunting said there were also severe thunderstorms moving across southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and western Illinois. The situation will persist into the evening hours and potentially overnight, Bunting said, with storms moving into northwest Illinois and Wisconsin.

A representative for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency did not have any immediate damage reports, but said it was watching for them from the affected area.

(Reporting by Mary Wisniewski; Editing by Peter Cooney)

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