Man proposed to girlfriend with baby alligator

Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Baby Alligator
Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Baby Alligator

A man got help from some reptiles to pull off an unusual proposal. When you think about romantic settings, Gatorland probably doesn't come to mind ... but it did for a Florida man, who gave his now bride-to-be the surprise of her life.

The animal handlers at Gatorland in Orlando may seem like they're just putting on a basic show, but they're actually in on the surprise for Samantha. She has no idea, but they've conspired with her boyfriend, Eric, to help him pull off a touching (slightly strange) proposal.

Samantha thinks she's part of the show and volunteers to handle some animals herself. She's hoping to get to hold an alligator. Eric anticipated this, and he makes it happen.

He asks her to marry him, and presents the ring tied to the back of a baby alligator. We can't tell if she's more excited to get the ring or hold the reptile -- but either way, she'll never forget this wild day.

No word on whether or not the gator will be invited to the wedding.