New study suggests there's no such thing as 'Mexican'

A New Study Suggests There's No Such Thing as 'Mexican'
A New Study Suggests There's No Such Thing as 'Mexican'

A new study suggests there's no such thing as "Mexican."

Researchers took a look at the genetic history of people born in Mexico and found more isolated groups than expected.

One thousand people representing 31 different groups were tested and researchers were able to categorize them into 9 distinct groups... with very little intermingling among them. They found someone living in northern Mexico can have extremely different set of genetics as someone from the southern part.

The researchers say the findings are important for medical research and healthcare as ethnic groups may have different risks when it comes to different diseases.

For example: lung disease.

Researchers found a big difference in lung function when it came to genetic diversity in Mexico. According to NBC, there was a 7 percent difference in the amount of air a person can expel in one second when they traveled from the west to the east.

One researcher said, "We were really fascinated by these results because we had expected that 500 years of population movements, immigration and mixing would have swamped the signal of pre-Columbian population structure."

This diversity was compared to the United States also... because of the migration that happened centuries ago, people from California, New York and Texas would likely be just as different.