Breastfeeding in public becoming taboo?

Breastfeeding In Public Becoming Taboo?
Breastfeeding In Public Becoming Taboo?

What happens when a mother's role is questioned only because it's being done in public?

Breastfeeding is becoming a hotter topic today in part because of its growing presence on social media.

Earlier this month, a California woman shared a photo on Facebook of herself breastfeeding her baby during her graduation ceremony. The next morning, it became the new center of that debate.

KarleshaThurman said she received some positive feedback on social media, but many also criticized her.

Up until last year, Facebook's policies allowed photos of violence against women and beheadings, while pictures of breastfeeding were banned.

Thurman has since taken down the photo, saying she never wanted to make a statement, just share a moment she thought was sweet because her daughter motivated her to get through school.

But other moms have captured the same moment simply because it's a part of their life.

The first photo Russian model Natalia Vodianova released of her son, showed him breastfeeding. She wasn't doing it in public, but the public still saw it. Some called it beautiful and stunning, but others still weren't pleased.

One mommy blogger said she was "appalled" by the image,

"Not because I'm anti-breastfeeding. But because I'm against sexualizing breastfeeding, which is

exactly what this photo does."

But another blogger for

Mama Bean posed the question: Do we really need to see it?

To which she answered,"Yes... Because if we continue to treat it as a secret art form, reserved for private rooms and hushed conversations... It will become lost in the passage of time, further misunderstood and out of reach for future mothers."