Woman with stage 4 cancer survives seven days stuck in car

Woman With Stage 4 Cancer Survives 7 Days Stuck In Car
Woman With Stage 4 Cancer Survives 7 Days Stuck In Car

A seven-day search for 62-year-old Eileen Springer finally ended when a man driving on a dirt road found a car stuck in the mud with Springer still inside. Fox News reports, "Police say that she was disoriented and had gotten her car stuck in the mud in a spot where drivers couldn't see her."

A Silver Alert was issued for Springer in Oklahoma when she disappeared after running errands, according to KOKI: "Surveillance cameras captured her shopping for groceries. That was the last time Springer used her debit card."

Springer was quite the survivor. She ate the groceries she had just bought and drank rainwater she collected in a shopping bag. "She may be weak in body sometimes, but her mind and her spirit is amazing," said daughter Ricki Bateman.

KTUL says Springer didn't have a cell phone, and her medical condition made it nearly impossible to find help: "With stage 4 cancer and lung problems, she was unable to look or even shout for help."

Police searching for Springer were expecting the worst says KOTV. An officer stated, "To have a positive outcome like this is really good for us and wonderful for the family."

Springer moved in with her daughter and grandchildren only four days before she disappeared. "She shouldn't be driving anymore, and what a terrible babysitter I am," Bateman says.

Springer is reportedly at a hospital and recovering from dehydration and a kidney infection ... but she's apparently already telling jokes.