Surprising secrets about Trader Joe's

Utterly Surprising Secrets About Trader Joe's
Utterly Surprising Secrets About Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has locations in nearly 40 states with hundreds of locations ... but how much do you know about the grocery store chain? There is a lot more to the specialty store than low prices and Hawaiian shirts.

Many Trader Joe's hide a toy in the store for kids to find.

They have sold more than 600 million bottles of 'Two Buck Chuck.' That's a whole lot of drunk, cheap people.

Every 'Trader Joe's' has its own artist, making each store unique.

80% of Trader Joe's products are their own brand. But 100% are delicious.

Its founder, Joe Coulombe, came up with the idea for the store on a Caribbean vacation, and the employees wear Hawaiian shirts because they want to take you on a culinary journey.

Prices are so low at 'Trader Joe's that there are never any discounts. How do you like them apples? Cheap? Good.

Did you know that you can try anything in the store? For Real. A Buzzfeed correspondent asked an employee, "I want to see these horseradish chips ... Is it possible to try them?" The immediate response was "Sure!" Spoiler Alert: They tasted great.

They also have a 'No questions asked' return policy. Not a fanana of those bananas? No Problem! You can send them back to Trader Joe's.

Lastly ... each store reportedly has a plastic lobster hidden somewhere.

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