Man stops charging elephant

Man Stops Charging Elephant
Man Stops Charging Elephant

If an enormous animal, let's say an elephant, came charging at you, you wouldn't just stand there. But Tor Bowling did just that.

After an elephant, which can weigh up to 14,000 pounds, charged at him while he was at the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand he simply raised his hands, but held his ground. The elephant paused in front of Bowling before turning and trotting away.

Bowling even managed to snap several photographs, before he turned around and smiled at the camera capturing the whole fiasco on video.

The incident reportedly occurred in February, but the footage has only recently made the rounds on the Internet.

News outlets are commenting on the video. ABC said, "This is like the only creature in the entire world who didn't want to take a selfie."

Business Insider called Bowling the "Calmest Man on Earth" and asked: "What sorcery is this?"

New York Daily News deemed him the "elephant whisperer." Bowling told the outlet he's trying to maintain a positive attitude in life, which is why his response involved laughter instead of screaming.

Bowling is quoted as saying: "I don't need to (think of things) as bad memories. So I smile to make it a good situation. But I'm sure it didn't want to hurt me."

Most people probably would have run screaming in the other direction. Or they would have stood there too, but only out paralyzed by fear.