'Late Show': Regis Philbin explains hitchhiking in NYC

'Late Show': Regis Philbin Explains Hitchhiking In New York City
'Late Show': Regis Philbin Explains Hitchhiking In New York City

Regis Philbin paid his pal, David Letterman, a visit over on the "Late Show," and of course they talked about that hitchhiking story.

About a week ago, TMZ posted a video of Philbin taking a ride from a couple of complete strangers. Of course, the video went viral.

BuzzFeed, USA Today, and TMZ were left wondering why the legendary host would be hitchhiking around Manhattan.

Well, Philbin finally explained the whole thing to Letterman -- he needed to get to the CBS studios for an appearance, but the network didn't send a car. Philbin said, "Nothing for Regis!"

Not mention that no cabs were stopping for him. However, a random white van did pull up -- with two fans inside.

Philbin insisted, "[They were] nice guys, so we had a nice little chat. We had a few laughs. I got out at 57th street. Before I know it, 'Regis Is Seen Hitchhiking!'"

Letterman couldn't believe the story, but Regis didn't seem to think he did anything wrong. He said the guys loved him!

As TheWrap highlighted, Letterman told his buddy that usually, stories like this end with police finding a decomposing body in Staten Island three months later.

Uproxx is still confused as to why a living legend like Philbin had such trouble hailing a cab –- or why he couldn't just call a car service himself.