Grad loses diploma after stripping at ceremony

Grad Loses Diploma After Stripping At Ceremony
Grad Loses Diploma After Stripping At Ceremony

Quinton Murphy, former student at Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, created an uproar when he disrobed at his graduation ceremony, according to WRAL. Although the crowd erupted in cheers and laughter, administrators were not as amused.

"Our schools have worked so hard. It used to be that the audience would be disruptive at graduation. We've worked hard to get the audiences to respect our students," administrators told The Fayetteville Observer. "This young man chose not to show respect for his colleagues."

After the football player's display, he was taken to another part of the building by police escort. Murphy was banned from school property, and in a symbolic gesture of disapproval, the administration chose to not issue him a diploma.

Luckily for Murphy, the gesture is solely symbolic, and he will still be considered a graduate. Nonetheless, the punishment for his unorthodox celebration sparked controversy.

Readers responded to the story on WNCN's website with differing opinions. One wrote: "That was inappropriate and unacceptable." Another said: "It is not their diploma to keep. He met all the academic requirements. This superintendent needs to go to jail for emotional cruelty to a child."

Stunts like Murphy's aren't new. International Business Times reports Ronnie Younce donned a Speedo to strut across the stage at his Louisiana graduation. His punishment: a parent meeting with the superintendent.

School officials at Jack Britt High said they don't expect any copycat strippers because they will now check the outfits students are wearing under their gown before they enter the auditorium.