Bee rescued from spider's web by another bee

Bumblebee Rescues Other Bee From Spider
Bumblebee Rescues Other Bee From Spider

No, it's not a BBC Nature Video. It's a short video documenting the fight for survival between a bumble bee and a spider, and it's shot (and beautifully narrated) by London musician Keith John Adams.

In the video, shot to teach his young son a valuable life lesson, Adams was randomly recording a bumble bee that was stuck in a spider's web. As the spider approaches to claim its lunch, something wild happens: suddenly, another bee flies in and stings the spider.

Unlike honeybees who die after using their stinger, bumble bees have retractable stingers that can be used over and over without injury. According to a University of Oklahoma study, bumble bees are social creatures who often reside in larger colonies. So, it's possible that this was an intended rescue, though we can't be certain.

One thing is for sure though ... the BBC needs to hire Adams immediately.