'True Life': Woman Suffers From Phobia Of Pigeons

'True Life': Woman Suffers From Phobia Of Pigeons
'True Life': Woman Suffers From Phobia Of Pigeons

On "True Life: I Have A Strange Phobia," we met Andrea who was practically paralyzed by her fear of birds.

After a childhood trauma, Andrea was so scared of pigeons that she could barely take care of everyday tasks, like grocery shopping, or getting out of her car. The phobia was getting progressively worse, and she was scared she eventually wouldn't be able to leave her house anymore. So Andrea's friends took her to the zoo to try and help her face her fears.

ANDREA: "I don't want to look at it because I don't want to draw attention to myself, and I think he's looking at me.
ANDREA: "Hey..."
FRIEND: Andrea, calm down.
FRIEND: "Don't look that way.
ANDREA: "Oh my god. I can't, I can't, I can't..."

Clearly, the trip to the zoo didn't go well. And it just got worse from there. Later, Andrea was supposed to go to work for a promotions company, but again, pigeons paralyzed her from being able to work. So, Andrea decided to get try therapy for her pigeon fear, and Wala! It worked. Supposedly, Andrea was suddenly cured of her pigeon fear.

Either way, fans on Twitter were finding the whole thing pretty entertaining, some feeling bad for Andrea, but most thinking this whole thing was likely staged. We are talking about reality television after all.

And Fans on Facebook agreed, poking fun at the whole thing, saying there's no way Andrea would just be cured of her phobia after one session of therapy.