Man feeds alligator with his mouth

La. Man Caught Feeding Alligators With His Mouth
La. Man Caught Feeding Alligators With His Mouth

How close would you get to an alligator? Most of us would probably keep a pretty safe distance, but one man in Louisiana clearly likes to get up close and personal with the terrifying creatures. NBC reports:

"The tour guide, Lance Lacrosse, told the group to get their cameras ready. He jumps in the water with two alligators. He starts to feed them chicken and marshmallows with his mouth."

He spoke with ABC and said he's just as nervous to get in the water as we are to watch it happen.

"Every time I jump in the water, you know, I'm scared. I'm scared there's an alligator at the bottom I can't see ... I keep my hand underneath the mouth. That way they can't bite me in the face."

Lacrosse works for Airboat Adventures, which provides swamp tours of South Louisiana's bayous and swamps. On its website, the company says tourists can expect to see alligators, turtles and snakes in the swamps.

Louisiana doesn't have any state laws against feeding alligators, but Jefferson Parish, where the tour company is located, does prohibit it, according to The Times-Picayune.

Louisiana wildlife officials are currently reviewing the YouTube footage to see if any laws were broken. Lacrosse told ABC he'll continue to swim with the alligators, even if it turns out he can no longer feed them.