Cow named Milkshake thinks she's a dog

Milkshake the Rescue Cow Is Convinced She's Really a Dog
Milkshake the Rescue Cow Is Convinced She's Really a Dog

A California cow called Milkshake (because she's so sweet!) is having an identity crisis. She seems to think she's a ... dog.

Milkshake, a 1,200-lb. cow, was trapped by an animal hoarder in a tiny 10x10 pen from the time she was two weeks old. She was held there for two years without her mother or any friends.

She likely didn't learn anything about human compassion, or about how to be a cow.

That could be why, when Milkshake was rescued by Beth DiCaprio of The Grace Foundation of Northern California, she was so grateful that she bonded with DiCaprio and started following her everywhere, just like DiCaprio's dogs.

In fact, DiCaprio says Milkshake pretty much thinks she's a dog.

She loves to go for jogs, get chin scratches, tolerates wearing little outfits, moos and gets excited when DiCaprio comes home.

DiCaprio says Milkshake will only eat dog food, and hates the taste of grass.

Milkshake isn't interested in other cows, and her best animal friend is a little terrier mix named Riley. The two run together and even play "ride 'em cowboy" together. Don't believe it? DiCaprio says many people don't. She told CBS Sacramento that, "She really doesn't know. She was never really around another cow. We got a cow friend for her."

Identity issues aside, we're glad that Milkshake is now living in a loving, safe home.