Chuck Lorre talks about the end of 'Two and a Half Men'

Chuck Lorre Talks About The End Of 'Two and a Half Men'
Chuck Lorre Talks About The End Of 'Two and a Half Men'

Chances are pretty high that you've heard of Chuck Lorre, or have at least watched one of his many television shows.

Over the last decade, he's become the go-to mastermind behind all things comedy on CBS.

He's the creator of household favorites "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory," both of which have been gracing our television screens for years.

With his other CBS hits -- such as "Mike & Molly," starring funny girl Melissa McCarthy, and "Mom," starring Anna Faris -- Lorre produced an incredible 90 episodes of television last year.

But this upcoming 12th season will be the last for "Two and a Half Men," as The Hollywood Reporter revealed back in May. Lorre said on "CBS This Morning":

"It's been an interesting journey. Let's use that as our operating adjective."

Perhaps Lorre is referring to the show's fair share of controversies through the years. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, "Sheen was famously fired after a public feud with creator Lorre and, more recently, former star Angus T. Jones called the comedy 'filth' and asked people to stop watching and referred to himself as a 'paid hypocrite.'

Lorre goes on, "With a show like 'Two and a Half Men,' you can't say 'let's end with dignity,' because we never had any. There's really no point in claiming any now."

The man who's estimated to be worth $600 million sure isn't afraid to poke some fun at his own work.

Maybe it's because Lorre comes from pretty unorthodox beginnings. He originally planned on being a musician, but that dream quickly fizzled out when he realized musicians don't really make enough to cover the bills in the beginning of their careers.

He then began working at an animation studio, and his first real TV credit was writing the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" theme song.

This comedy king sure has gone on to much bigger things since. We just can't wait to see what Lorre will do next.