World's oldest cat dies at age 24


Just weeks after securing her title as the world's oldest cat, Poppy the tortoiseshell cat has died.

Poppy was born in 1990 and died at the age of 24. To show just how old she was, Western Daily Press points out she lived to see five British Prime ministers.

World's Oldest Cat Dies
World's Oldest Cat Dies

Not to mention four U.S. Presidents.

Poppy even got recognition from late night show hosts like Seth Meyers. "That cat is so old if you give it a ball of yarn, it knits."

Poppy was included in the Guinness Book of World Records just last month. The publication notes that while Poppy was the oldest living cat in the world at the time she died, it wasn't always that way.

"The oldest cat in history was a feline called Creme Puff who was born on 3 August 1967 and lived until 6 August 2005 - an amazing 38 years and 3 days."

BBC did a story on Poppy right after she celebrated her 24th birthday at her home in Bournemouth.

"To celebrate Poppy's birthday, we made this massive cat food like cake."
"Two years of a cats life are equal to the first 25 of a humans. After that, every three months account for a year. That makes Poppy 114 years old."

Metro reports Poppy's owner, Jacqui West, was "devastated" after the loss of her pet. The outlet reports Poppy was laid to rest in the family's garden next to other lost and also beloved pets.