Black coffee may keep your teeth from rotting

Can Black Coffee Keep Your Teeth From Rotting?
Can Black Coffee Keep Your Teeth From Rotting?

Mmmm coffee. That wonderful, caffeinated brew that wakes you up in the morning? Well, here's another reason to drink it ... it may keep your teeth from rotting, Fox News says.

"Strong coffee -- good for your teeth? New research says black coffee, in moderation, can actually stop tooth decay thanks to an antibacterial property in the coffee bean."

The Independent tells us to forget what our doctors have told us in the past -- although, it's only a certain bean with an antibacterial property that researchers have pinpointed.

"Researchers, using the milk teeth of children, found that an extract from a particular type of coffee bean can break down plaque," the Independent reports.

We can thank scientists at Rio de Janeiro's Federal University for the research. They examined a variety of coffee found in Vietnam and Brazil, and say it's likely chemicals within the beans that caused it to help destroy plaque.

Daily Mail points out that, again, the coffee must be in moderation. Ten cups is probably not so good for you or your teeth: "[One] researcher said: 'Whilst this is an exciting result, we have to be careful to add that there are problems associated with excessive coffee consumption, including staining and the effects of acidity on tooth enamel."

Let's be real: adding a ton of sugar and creamer will likely negate the positive effects.

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