'America's Got Talent' judges' buzzers break mid-performance

'America's Got Talent': The Judges Buzzers Break Mid-Performance
'America's Got Talent': The Judges Buzzers Break Mid-Performance

On "America's Got Talent," the judges were trying to eliminate a vocally challenged boy band from the competition but ran into a little problem.

Yep. The Buzzers stopped working when Mel B. unplugged a cord to charge her cell phone.

Even though the crowd was booing and the judges were pressing their buttons relentlessly, the guys continued to sing and dance on stage, oblivious to the fact they were getting a definite no from the judges.

Heavy.com notes "Diverse", the boy band consisting of two guys, Eddie and Zach, have been together for three years. The jersey boys claim their act is a boy band that 'gets the ladies' but, we're not so sure. Heavy.com writes, "To be frank, they didn't make what their act was too clear. They can't sing ... since the buzzers are broken, the two poor kids are under the impression they're doing well."

The New Jersey Star Ledger wasn't too happy to see Jersey boy band represent their state. "As someone whose lived in Jersey my entire life, I spend a lot of time defending the Garden State to out-of-staters. It's people like Eddie and Zach... that make defending my home state even harder... it was painful to watch," the paper reported.

Even the backstreet boys joked about Diverse's crummy performance on Twitter, saying they could probably teach the guys a thing or two.

The famous boy band's song, "Everybody" played earlier in the night during Eddie and Zach's intro. If we're lucky, just maybe we'll get to have some BSB on the show in the future, instead of Eddie and Zach.