UConn basketball player falls off the stage at White House

UConn Basketball Player Falls Off The Stage At White House
UConn Basketball Player Falls Off The Stage At White House

When we're surrounded by cameras, that little fear of tripping is always in the backs of our minds. But what about tripping when you're in front of the president of the United States? Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to a UConn basketball player according to NBC.

"Stefanie Dolson lost her balance and fell off the riser as President Obama was giving a hug to Coach Geno Auriemma. Slightly embarrassed, Dolson hides behind her teammates," NBC reports.

Both the men's and women's basketball teams were in attendance because both teams won their respective NCAA tournaments. That's already impressive, but even more so because as the New Haven Register reports, UConn became the first university since 2004 to have both of its basketball teams win national titles in the same season.

When the women's team won the NCAA title last year in 2013, Dolson challenged Obama to a dance-off. Obama promised to do it in 2014 if UConn made it back to the White House. USA Today reports Obama told her, "It is going to happen ... don't think that you're going to beat me on that. I also appreciate that you told the world about it after the title game."

Sadly, that dance took place off camera because Obama said he didn't want to embarrass his daughters, Sasha and Malia. Of course, nothing's more embarrassing than seeing your dad try to dance.

It was after that dance-off Dolson took that little tumble. With all her accolades from her years on the basketball team, we have to give her a bit of a break, right?

We're sure Dolson isn't sweating her fall. After all, she was drafted by the WNBA's Washington Mystics back in April so she's only got to make it about a mile from the White House to the arena without falling. We'll see if she can pull that off.