Strange statue causing a stir in the Hamptons

Strange Statue Causing A Stir In The Hamptons
Strange Statue Causing A Stir In The Hamptons

The Hamptons are home to beautiful beaches, luxurious waterfront homes, A-list celebrities ... and whatever this statue is.

Residents of Westhampton, New York, are used to all kinds of people walking through town during the summer, but locals were nothing short of baffled by this 30-foot aluminum woman who looks like a 'Peanuts' character wrapped in duct tape.

It's called 'The Walking Figure,' but it might as well be called 'go figure' because no one can provide a good explain for why it even exists.

The developer of the property said, "The sculpture is bold and imaginative, with a liveliness that mirrors the modern design elements and positive, open feel of the Hamptons business district."

Still, residents seem to be upset, mostly because they feel 'The Walking Figure' doesn't fit the aesthetic community.

Many took to the Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce Facebook page to vent their frustrations, the New York Post notes.

Post by Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce.

One man said, "I thought that a scrap dealer's truck threw up ... I want it removed, and I will donate a crane and a wrecking ball!"

An angry woman said the statue is, "Ugly and 'in your face' every time you drive by," while another vented that "If this guy is making money off of this, I should be able to make a few billion easy. If that's art, I'm Michelangelo!!"

'The Walking Figure,' for her part, doesn't seem too upset. She's still smiling through all the criticism.